In Takes: 24

Duration : 3 Years

Eligibility: +2/VHSE

Candidates who have passed (eligible for Higher Studies) the HSE of the Kerala State Board of Higher Secondary Examination or any other examination recognised as equivalent there to with science subjects are eligible for admission. 

Physics is the science of matter and its motion including force, energy, mass, and charge etc. Bachelor of Science or B.Sc. in Physics is a three year graduate program designed to teach the different aspects of Physics including phenomenology, theories and techniques, concepts and general principles. The students can develop the ability to read, understand and interpret physical information in verbal, mathematical and graphical and can also understand the methodology related to Physics. The students can attain good knowledge in mechanics, properties of matter, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, electricity, electrodynamics and electronics, quantum physics, solid state physics, computational physics and other relevant subjects. Also, students can develop their experimental and data analysis skills through a wide range of experiments through practical at laboratories.

Main Subjects to Be Studied 

Mechanics & Properties of Matter

Electricity & Electrodynamics

Classical & Quantum Mechanics

Physical Optics & Photonics

Optics, Laser & Fiber Optics

Semiconductor Physics

Thermal & Statistical Physics

Digital Electronics & Programming

Computational Physics

Nuclear, Particle & Astrophysics

Condensed Matter Physics

Solid State Physics

Relativity & Spectroscopy

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